Midsomer Murders, Stephen Fry and Twitter

MIDSOMER Murders has a celebrity fan in Stephen Fry.
Who has also revealed something you might not expect from a devoted user of Twitter.
At the Kingdom press launch this week we learned about some of Stephen’s TV favourites.
And the more unusual spots where he catches up with them.
“I am very happy to sit and watch two hours of Midsomer Murders, or Doc Martin or Marple, especially as I am such a fan of Agatha Christie.
“I love a good whodunit,” he said.
“I also loved Ken Stott’s Messiah and Cracker and Prime Suspect and Wire In The Blood, Trial and Retribution and things that are dark and pretty heavy.
“When I’m away I fill my laptop with TV so that I can enjoy viewing when I am in the Bush.

“I have watched Midsomer Murders in the middle of the jungle!”
There was also a surprising revelation in the press notes for the new series.
At the time of typing this, Stephen has 448,424 followers on social networking site Twitter.
And is following 55,127 people himself.
He showed us the iPhone which is his constant companion, along with the spectacles he needs to read the screen.

Also demonstrating the digital clock application which sits by his bed at night.
Stephen has a splendid website.
And uses AudioBoo to great effect.
Check out, for example, yesterday’s audio clip recorded just after Sir Clement Freud’s funeral.
Yet he talks in those press notes about how much he loves filming Kingdom in his home county of Norfolk – and being cut off from the rest of the world.
“I like being away from the noise and the news and gossip of Britain.
“I like not knowing what is going on. I like being with a small group of people all fond of each other and getting on with it and not worrying about what is in the newspapers and who is saying what and what’s on television, and knowing who’s died.
“I like being completely disconnected.
“Although I also love gadgets and being connected in the other sense, I love it when people email me and phone me asking me to do something and I can say. ‘No, I’m away for three months.’”
*The third series of Kingdom begins on ITV1 this summer.
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