Ashes To Ashes: Keep The Faith

DON’T get too excited.
The embargo is still in place on Ashes To Ashes material.
But I spoke again this afternoon to Dean Andrews (Ray) and Montserrat Lombard (Shaz).
Along with the rest of the cast, they’ll be busy this week filming a special BBC1 trailer for the second series.
Having already been hard at work on finishing touches to the eight new episodes, including dubbing.
Quite aside from other promotional work.
Everyone connected with Ashes knows that fans are frustrated and desperate for news.

And, yes, it does seem a long time since the first series was screened.
But the message is clear.
As Dean told me: “It’s definitely worth the wait.
“The storylines are great, there’s some great new characters coming in.
“There’s a lot of action.
“And you get to see the Gene Genie and all his gang.
“Better to get it absolutely right than rush it out and have one or two things that aren’t quite right.
“We can’t wait for it to come out and see what everybody’s reaction is.
“Fingers crossed, it’ll be a good one.”
Ashes To Ashes returns next month – with the exact start date still under wraps.
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