Twelve Things I Hate About TV

REGULAR readers will know how much I love television.
Also being lucky enough to interview and write about many of those involved in making it.
But it’s not all good.
Just off the top of my head, here are 12 things I hate about TV.
Do you agree? Can you add to the list? Check out the comment box at the bottom of this page:

* The sound turned up loud in commercial breaks – weren’t they supposed to stop that?
* Manufactured…pauses…before…the…result…is…announced.
* Phillip Schofield shouting at the side of an ice rink.
* Coronation Street never starting at the advertised time.
* All DFS adverts.
* Viewer exploitation via childishly easy multiple choice competition questions on the likes of GMTV and This Morning, so that TV bosses can rake in money from entries.
* No avoiding commerical breaks timed together across the digital network of channels.
* Presenter Carrie Gracie (pictured) being grumpy on the BBC News Channel. Send her back to China where she was happy.
* Chris Tarrant still taking a Millionaire ad break before giving the result to a question. Yawn.
* Harry Hill not having the confidence to ditch the daft shirt collars.
* Having to wait for the next series of Ashes To Ashes.
* Knowing there can never be any more Life On Mars.



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5 responses to “Twelve Things I Hate About TV

  1. Liz

    Agree especially with the last two!

  2. M

    Ashes to Ashes starts in Spring, u don’t have to wait long.

  3. Katey

    The annoying way all newsreaders and reporters talk. Do they teach them how to do that in telly journalism school?
    The way ITV completely changes the storylines to the new Miss Marples. Agatha Christies knew what she was doing you know…
    No proper Doctor Who series this year 😦

  4. Swedish TV not have so interesting and funny program UK have. We have lots of UK TV-programs and show but not the funny like Buzzcock and Jonathan Ross and QI . We got Coupling, Spooks, Robin Hood, Midsomer murders and lots of this type of shows from UK.

  5. I hate being given a recap of what we’ve just watched and then being told what we’re about to be shown. All I want to do is watch what’s on screen… do they think we’ve all got the attention spans of goldfish?

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