Suranne Jones: Unforgiven

IT’S her finest screen performance so far.
ITV1 drama Unforgiven tells the story of Ruth Slater, branded a “psycho killer” after the murder of two policemen.
But thanks to the acting skill of Suranne Jones, we actually care about what happens to her.
I interviewed Suranne and Peter Davison, who plays Ruth’s lawyer John, in early December after watching preview DVDs of the first two episodes.
But it wasn’t until last week that I was able to see the concluding third episode, which will be screened on ITV1 at 9pm next Monday.
Although I’d guessed the twist in the tale, it didn’t spoil the final hour of this superbly crafted drama, written by Sally Wainwright.
And I’m not ashamed to admit that I had a tear in my eye at the end.

I asked Suranne if Unforgiven had been her most challenging role to date.
“Obviously some of the theatre jobs, like Terms of Endearment…I had to die on stage every night, with a big monologue,” she replied.
“So that’s quite challenging in itself.
“But, yeah, I think to get this right…I, perhaps, if I hadn’t done my research properly, could be sat here quite embarrassed, going, ‘Oh, yeah, did you like it?’
“So I’m glad I did my research properly, to give it that light and shade.”
BAFTAs all round, please.
Have you been watching Unforgiven?
Let me know what you think via the comments box at the bottom of this page.
Click on the audio file below to hear a short extract of Suranne talking about her visit to a real life prison before filming the role.
Also scroll down to read more about Suranne, Peter and Unforgiven via the links.
Plus check out the two pic galleries.
Audio File:
Suranne on her prison visit
Dye Hard Role For Suranne: MEN feature interview
Daring To Help A Killer: MEN feature interview
Pic Gallery 1
Pic Gallery 2



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5 responses to “Suranne Jones: Unforgiven

  1. Lacey

    I’m blown away by Suranne’s performance. The other actors were fantastic too. In fact, everything about it from the direction, to the writing to the cinematography was stunning. What a gripping story. I can’t wait till the final part airs. I agree, BAFTAS all around.

  2. Clare Downham

    We have really enjoyed all of Unforgiven. All the acting has been brilliant. We loved the last episode. We are a bit biased though as our daughter was Little Katie Slater!!

  3. Vida Townson

    This must be Suranne’s best performance to date she gets better & better every time I watch her acting. The remaining actors were also very good it takes a team to make a good programme. Well done everyone

  4. Vanessa Thompson

    Absolutely enjoyed this 3 part series and thought Suranne’s performance was fantastic, aswell as all the other actresses and actors, it had a deep and dark story behind it but was lovely that she got the happy ending she had been hoping for..really enjoyed the tv for a change!! Suranne should be up for an award for this!!

  5. Darryl Abel

    Amazing acting from Suranne. Had the series recorded and only just had the chance to watch it

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