Coronation Street: Growing Old Together

SOME TV couples are just made for each other.
Like Coronation Street’s Molly Compton and Tyrone Dobbs.
You can just picture them growing old together.
I interviewed Bury actress Vicky Binns ahead of Molly’s screen wedding to Tyrone (Alan Halsall), which will be shown on Monday.
You can read today’s MEN TV feature – with wedding pic gallery – here.
And below are a few extras that missed the final cut:
I asked Vicky why Corrie didn’t bring back her screen dad Diggory (Eric Potts) for Molly’s big day.
The writers have put the former Weatherfield baker in hospital with a burst appendix – so he can’t make the wedding.

That’s because Eric is appearing as Widow Twankey in Aladdin – alongside former Corrie star Bradley Walsh – at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking.
A production he also directs, as you can read here and here.
“He does a lot of panto, so it’s a very busy time of year for Eric,” explained Vicky.

“It would be lovely to see him back at some stage and I’m sure you can’t rule that out.”
As you’ll read in the TV feature, Vicky was shocked when the writers split Molly and Tyrone up in the lead up to the wedding.
She also revealed: “It’s very irritating to film, actually.
“You obviously have to appreciate where your character is coming from, so you do end up siding absolutely with your character.
“And then Alan does this ‘Tyrone face’ at the end, that you know is going to melt everyone’s heart and go, ‘Oh, but it’s Tyrone!’
“You think, ‘No! He was wrong and he was telling Molly lies.’ But this face that he does breaks everyone’s heart. So you’re always going to side with Tyrone. It’s very annoying,” she laughed.
Tonight’s two episodes feature Molly’s hen party – a joint affair in Dev’s flat with Amber’s (Nikki Patel) 18th birthday celebration.
Working together in the corner shop, Molly has developed into a big sister figure for Amber, who is Maid of Honour at the wedding.
“Yeah, exactly. They’ve built on that and I love doing those corner shop scenes with Nikki as Amber.
“She’s quite a dry character with a good sense of humour. She’s a bright young girl. But she does see Molly as a kind of mentor.”
Bill Tarmey has recently returned to the screen as Jack Duckworth after – as soap characters do – having been missing for a while.
“It’s just the way the scripts have gone,” maintained Vicky.
“He features quite heavily over the wedding episodes and I know they’re planning some good stuff for him this year.”
And her hopes for 2009?
“From the point of view of an actress – more drama. The scripts at the moment are just so brilliant.
“And we’ve got loads of new characters in at the moment, so it would be nice to do some stuff with them.
“It’s lovely when new characters come in because you see the show through their eyes again and how exciting it all is.”
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