X Factor: Heartbroken Laura Still Smiling

LAURA White was interviewed live on ITV1’s This Morning today.
Her comments echoed those at her press conference yesterday.
While news has arrived about her “secret” No 1 hit.
Laura was asked today about her thoughts in the moments after she was voted off The X Factor.
“I was just heartbroken because I’m just so, so passionate about my music,” she replied.
“I really felt like I could have gone a lot further in the competition and the judges really, really believed in me for a long time.
“They gave me such fantastic comments. It was really strange to hear that I was going home. It was tough.”
She repeated what she told us yesterday about mentor Cheryl Cole’s anger after the show.

“She definitely felt as though it was more of a tactical reason, as though Louis had done it just to kind of…
“I’m still really, really upset because X Factor, it changed my life.”
Talking about leaving, she said: “It’s just so surreal and it happened so quickly.
“You’re living your dream and you’re doing your music – and then all of a sudden it’s just taken away.
“I’ve watched my performance back and I did, actually, really like it.
“It’s still difficult for me to understand.

“But these things happen in life.”
Typing out the full transcript of yesterday’s Q&A, I was puzzled by Laura’s comment:
“The show’s given me a really good grounding because I was a songwriter before this and my own song went number one and everything as well, so it’s helped me in more ways than one.”
It wasn’t picked up on at the press conference.
I had assumed it was a slip of the tongue relating to the part she played in The X Factor No 1 Hero.
But the people behind www.amazingtunes.com have been in touch to clear up the mystery…and, of course, plug themselves.
They say Laura uploaded two of her tracks – For The Love Of It All and Sunshine – before her X Factor journey began.
And they’ve hit the No 1 and No 2 spots.
The site describes itself as “a route to freedom for unsigned talent desperate to flee the confines of the old school outmoded music business”.
Laura, who will earn 70 per cent of all sales, says the site has given her “the chance to show just how talented I am”.
Founder Paul Campbell says: “Here is a supremely talented young woman who has been failed by the industry.
“Perhaps she has too much talent to fit the mould – that’s why we have created a space where true ability can be given a platform.”
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