Matthew Kelly: Lest We Forget

ALBERT Nugent lies buried in a foreign field.
He was just 23 when he died – the same age as new Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton.
Matthew Kelly tells the story of his great uncle Albert in My Family At War on BBC1 at 10.35pm tonight.
The First World War was supposed to be the war to end all wars.
You can read about Matthew’s emotional journey in the MEN TV feature here.
“He was 23. That’s terrible,” reflects the Manchester-born actor.

“I’ve already had 35 years’ worth more life than him.”
Albert was wounded at The Somme but didn’t die on the battlefield.
Captured by the Germans, he died of pneumonia in a prisoner of war camp.
Details of his death appeared in the Salford Reporter on June 16 1917.
Just one more family devastated by war.
“He was the only boy of seven children. Killed,” explains Matthew.
“What that must have meant to the family…”
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