Strictly: Andrew Castle Not Quitting

STRICTLY Come Dancing star Andrew Castle has denied reports that he may have to quit the BBC1 show.
It was claimed he was “petrified” that a knee injury suffered during rehearsals would spell the end of his dancefloor partnership with Ola Jordan.
But Andrew, 44, told GMTV viewers this morning: “What’s all this about me pulling out?
“I’m not pulling out of Strictly Come Dancing.
“I was sliding in on my knees on Monday during practice and my knee went click.
“So the BBC said, ‘You’ve got to go and get that scanned,’ because the physio said there was a possible injury there.
“And I’m getting the results of that scan a little bit later on.
“But, look, the worst thing that’s going to happen is I’m not going to do my patented knee slide into the beginning of my Samba.

“But I’m sure everything will be actually fine.
“I think people have sort of over-reacted a bit.”
He joked: “I’ve got two knees, so if one’s no good, we’ll use the other one.
“It’s got to be the way to start the routine.
“But we’ll see. This orthopedic bloke is going to have a look at it later on and tell me if there’s any damage or not.
“And we’ll strap it up and get out there.
“There’s no way Ola is not going to let me dance on Saturday night.”
Andrew found himself in the bottom two last weekend, despite the judges praising the improvement he had made.
They later saved him in the dance-off.
If Andrew wins through this week, he will become the most successful GMTV presenter on Strictly.
“It’s amazing how quickly the weeks pass and how you submerse yourself in the programme.
“But when they tell you on a Saturday night after you get through what the next dance is, it’s like, ‘Oh my.’
“You can’t believe you’ve only got another five or six days and then you’ve got to dance again.
“But the more you do it, the more you want to stay in and the more fun it becomes.
“Even when you’re in a dance-off like last week.”
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