Coronation Street: Bruce Jones

AXED Coronation Street star Bruce Jones re-visits a few demons on TV tomorrow night.
Including the day he found one of the Yorkshire Ripper’s victims.
And how Les Battersby took over his life.
Manchester-born Bruce, 55, appears on BBC1’s The Dark Side Of Fame With Piers Morgan.
You can read more in last Friday’s MEN TV feature here.
It’s not the first time he’s spoken about the horrific Ripper discovery.
The story first re-surfaced when he joined the Street in 1997.
He also talks about the beatings he had from his father.
And how he knew he’d become the most hated man in soap when he agreed to play layabout Les.

Among the extracts I wasn’t able to squeeze into the feature was a story from Bruce about how he attracted tabloid headlines.
He tells Piers: “How would you feel if someone come up to you and said to your wife, ‘You’re only with him because he’s a soapstar, cos he could get better than you?’
“I’ve been married to that girl for over 20 odd years. I love my wife more than anything in the world. What are you going to do in that instant?”
Piers: “What did you do?”
Bruce: “I punched him. The next minute I’m in the papers.”
The man who was Les knows he should have walked away.
But fond of the odd pint or two, he became an easy target.
One outburst too many eventually led to the termination of his Corrie contract.
Did he deserve the boot?
Watch and make your own mind up.
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