X Factor: Scott Serves Up Peter Kay

SCOTT Bruton told me this week how The X Factor finalists watched Peter Kay’s spoof reality comedy last Sunday.
And it turns out that Laura White isn’t the only act who has met Mr Kay.
While she once sang alongside Peter when he switched on Bolton’s Christmas lights, Scott served him in Argos.
There’s another story on Scott in today’s MEN.
Update: You can read what it said here.
Due to space restrictions, his Peter Kay anecdote was cut from the page.
But here’s what Manchester-raised Scott told me:
“I used to work at Argos in Ancoats a couple of years ago and I served him.
“He was buying a Thomas the Tank engine set for his little lad.

“We have to check the payment card at the collection desk.
“So I asked him for his card and he said, ‘Are you joking, or what? You’ll be wanting DNA next, the shirt off my back, the lot.’
“He’s a really nice guy and so funny.”
Britain’s Got The Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice attracted 5.5m viewers, Channel 4’s biggest audience of the year so far.
Last Saturday’s first live X Factor show on ITV1 had an audience of 10.4m.
Peter is hoping to score his second number one hit this weekend with Winners Song from his TV send-up.
But he faces competition from last year’s real life X Factor winner Leon Jackson and his single Don’t Call This Love.
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