Sunshine: Craig Cash

“I’d like you to meet my dad. I think you’re going to like him…”
I spoke to Craig Cash yesterday about his new BBC1 drama Sunshine and the return of The Royle Family.
That opening line of Sunshine comes with a twist.
And what follows is top class telly.
Written by Craig and Phil Mealey, the three-part drama stars Steve Coogan as fish and chip fryer turned binman Bing Crosby.
Dominic Senior is terrific as his innocent little boy Joe with Bernard Hill as Bing’s marvellous storytelling dad George.
The online version of today’s MEN feature interview with Craig is here.
As Craig explains, Sunshine is a drama sprinkled with comedy – with some dark moments surrounding gambling addict Bing.

“We spoke to gamblers,” he told me.
“We didn’t copy one single person’s life story but we chatted to some of them about what it was like when they’d reached rock bottom.”

Everything from the choice of plates on the table to Lisa Millett’s despair as Bing’s partner Bernadette feels authentic.
Along with the dad who always let young Bing win at cards.
Craig and Phil play fellow binmen Bob and Andy, as you can see from the top pic.
There’s much to love about Sunshine.
Including original music composed by Nina Humphreys.
Plus the revelation in episode two of the best game of football ever.
An episode which concludes with a simply stunning scene involving Steve and Bernard.
As the world plunges into hysteria over money, Sunshine is a reminder of what’s really important.
But as Craig says: “It never sounds any good when you try and explain.
“That’s why I rather you just watched it.”
*Sunshine begins on BBC1 at 9pm next Tuesday.
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