Heroes: The Brains Trust

SO there we were in a Soho cinema watching the first episode in the new series of Heroes.
You want spoilers?
Well, they’re all over the web by now, following last night’s screening of episodes one and two in America.
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I’ll just confine myself to saying that Heroes is back on top form.
And that there are things that Sylar does that are best not seen on a very big screen at ten in the morning.
But then you knew that already, didn’t you?

BBC2 controller Roly Keating was on hand to introduce the screening.
He told us it had all been very last minute as the film had only just arrived in time from America.
“I haven’t a clue what happens in this episode.
“Like you, I have not seen a frame of this, so I’m here as a fan,” he said.
“Heroes is back now for another full run – so this will be full, I think, 22 or 23 week season, of which the run up to Christmas is Volume Three, called Villains.
“And then after Christmas we’ll be bringing you Volume Four, title yet, I think, to be announced.
“So as ever, Heroes proceeds by tantalising chapters.”
As before, each Wednesday episode on BBC2 will be followed the same night by the next week’s episode on BBC3.
“Heroes deserves its success as a worldwide phenomenon,” added Roly.
“I think it’s sheer unique mix of storytelling, inventiveness, charm, danger…sets it apart from other big series on its scale.”
As well as our old pal Sylar.
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