The Restaurant: Raymond Blanc

IT’S always a pleasure to talk to talented people at the top of their game.
Raymond Blanc is one of the best chefs in the world.
But he told me recently that passion for food is simply not enough when you step into a kitchen.
He’s back on BBC2 at 8pm tonight with a second – and somewhat changed – series of The Restaurant.
There’s a second feature in today’s MEN about the nine new couples taking part.
The online version is here.
You can also read about them at the BBC site here.
“I’m looking for people who are passionate but passion is not enough,” Raymond said.

“It’s a lovely quality and is great to see. But I’ve seen so many useless passionate people in my life, I can assure you.
“They are passionate and they are delightful, but my God, the damage they can do.
“They must also understand it’s a business. You must make money in order to re-invest into your restaurant.”
Raymond says his busy lifestyle leaves him little time to watch other chefs on TV.
“I watch a bit of Jamie and I like very much as well Rick Stein.
“I learned something when I watched.”
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