IT’S aimed at the Harry Potter generation and hopes to cast a spell on family audiences.
New 13-part drama series Merlin updates the story of the sorceror of Arthurian legend for Saturday nights on BBC1.
Set in the mythical city of Camelot, the new twist on an old legend comes to our screens later this month.
But will fans of a certain sitcom recognise one of the older members of cast?
One Foot In The Grave star Richard Wilson plays Gaius, the wise physician who guides young Merlin.
“I knew I could not be a bald 70-year-old who looks like Victor Meldrew,” explains Richard.
“So I knew I had to do something, go for a new image.”
Which is why you’ll see him in a shoulder-length wig.

I interviewed Richard when Victor was killed off in the last ever episode of One Foot In The Grave.
He knew then that he would never escape his shadow.
Or cries in the street of: “I can’t believe it.”
But he hopes at least younger viewers will soon know him better as Gaius.
“Wouldn’t that be great?
“To be able to go out and have youngsters not able to recognise me in the street because I’m bald.”