Heartbeat: Nikki Sanderson

HEARTBEAT fans won’t need to be told just how badly the drama has been messed about by ITV schedulers.
So here’s a photo of former Coronation Street star Nikki Sanderson wondering just when her first Aidensfield appearance will be screened.
It was taken back in January, with new regular character Dawn Bellamy finally making her Heartbeat debut this Sunday.
I spoke to Nikki – best known as Corrie hairdresser Candice Stowe – earlier this week.
She told me how she has now filmed the last eight episodes of series 17, as well as the first five of series 18.
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Co-star Gwen Taylor has already voiced concerns about the sporadic scheduling of series 17.

ITV bosses seem to think they can get away with broadcasting Heartbeat in small chunks before it vanishes from the screen again.
And note the current run of episodes has so far been scheduled at 7pm on Sundays – not 8pm.
It’s almost as if someone has it in for the Aidensfield Arms regulars.
Which would be madness, given the huge ratings the series still enjoys despite all the scheduling nonsense.
Like me, Nikki thinks the critics miss the point of Heartbeat.
“It’s a really great family show – easy viewing that everyone can enjoy.”
Nikki Steps Back In Time