Coronation Street: Alan Halsall

ALAN Halsall was on good form when I met up with him at Coronation Street last week.
Chatting during a break between scenes, we spoke about his tenth anniversary on the cobbles.
Plus a range of topics, including wedding bells for Tyrone and Molly and his forthcoming real life marriage.
Not to mention Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Pele.
And Gray O’Brien’s – Street villain Tony Gordon – love of baking.
You can read the online version of the feature here.
At the time of writing, a second sidebar story on the same feature page has yet to go online.

So I’ve reproduced that below…with more to come from Alan in a later blog.
Tyrone and Molly are seen by some as the next Jack and Vera.
But Alan disagrees.
“I really want to stay away from that tag because for me, personally, having worked with them for 10 years, I’d put them on another level.”
Back in January, millions of viewers watched Vera die from a heart attack while asleep at home in a chair.

Actress Liz Dawn’s decision to quit after three decades was prompted by chronic emphysema, which can leave her fighting for breath.
Co-star Bill Tarmey, who plays widowed Jack, is staying with the Street, despite speculation about his future.
“What they’ve done for the soap and their characters is absolutely fantastic,” explains Alan.
“If I even got a third of the way to their success and how they’re loved by everyone, then I think I’ll have done a good job.
“But it’s big shoes to fill and probably ones that I want to stay well away from.”
Having said that, he does accept that Tyrone and Molly may fill the role of the Street couple who stick together despite plenty of rows.
“It’s quite nice for us to be a really steady couple and, I think, two people that genuinely love each other.”
Does he see himself staying as long as Bill has?
“Well, I suppose that’s not down to me. But I’ve always said that until I stop enjoying it, then I’d stay, if wanted.”
Alan still misses Liz on set.
“I know it was a good thing for Liz in her personal life and she can rest and go on holiday and do things, because she was obviously poorly.
“But it was difficult because we were losing a really close friend, somebody who really looked after me when I first started.
“Some of my best times have been working with her.”
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