Wild At Heart: Series Four

WILD At Heart fans are a devoted bunch.
I know from the huge number of comments and emails I receive just how much they appreciate the ITV1 series.
So I thought they might like to read the first full details of the fourth series, released this afternoon – with filming going on until November.
Here’s the official ITV press release:
“The Trevanions are back at Leopard’s Den for a fourth series of the much-loved, ratings winning ITV drama Wild At Heart and this series there is a new vet on the scene.
Dawn Steele (Sea of Souls, Monarch of the Glen) joins the cast as feisty vet Alice Collins, who has been working as a locum in South Africa, with her young daughter Charlotte. Danny needs a new vet to work alongside him in the busy animal hospital, but gradually realises he’s taken on more than he bargained for in Alice.

Stephen Tompkinson returns as Danny Trevanion battling to keep his family together following the death of his wife, Sarah as the courts threaten to send his stepson Evan (Luke Ward Wilkinson) back to the UK and his real father.
Rosie, played by Lucy-Jo Hudson, faces tough decisions over her future as a vet and with fiancé Max (Martinus Van Der Berg). And Juliet Mills also joins the cast as Georgina, sent to take care of Du Plessis (Deon Stewardson) while her sister Caroline (Hayley Mills) remains in the UK with her granddaughter.
During the new series the family find themselves not only running their own reserve but sorting out problems at neighbouring Mara which has gone into receivership and fallen into disrepair. Danny is forced to intervene when the lives of the animals left behind at Mara are threatened.
He’s relieved when the reserve is bought by Vanessa (Mary-Anne Barlow), a glamorous South African businesswoman who intends to restore the place to its former glory. Vanessa takes a shine to Danny but discovers that she has competition for his affections.”
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