Wild At Heart: Series Four

WILD At Heart fans are a devoted bunch.
I know from the huge number of comments and emails I receive just how much they appreciate the ITV1 series.
So I thought they might like to read the first full details of the fourth series, released this afternoon – with filming going on until November.
Here’s the official ITV press release:
“The Trevanions are back at Leopard’s Den for a fourth series of the much-loved, ratings winning ITV drama Wild At Heart and this series there is a new vet on the scene.
Dawn Steele (Sea of Souls, Monarch of the Glen) joins the cast as feisty vet Alice Collins, who has been working as a locum in South Africa, with her young daughter Charlotte. Danny needs a new vet to work alongside him in the busy animal hospital, but gradually realises he’s taken on more than he bargained for in Alice.

Stephen Tompkinson returns as Danny Trevanion battling to keep his family together following the death of his wife, Sarah as the courts threaten to send his stepson Evan (Luke Ward Wilkinson) back to the UK and his real father.
Rosie, played by Lucy-Jo Hudson, faces tough decisions over her future as a vet and with fiancé Max (Martinus Van Der Berg). And Juliet Mills also joins the cast as Georgina, sent to take care of Du Plessis (Deon Stewardson) while her sister Caroline (Hayley Mills) remains in the UK with her granddaughter.
During the new series the family find themselves not only running their own reserve but sorting out problems at neighbouring Mara which has gone into receivership and fallen into disrepair. Danny is forced to intervene when the lives of the animals left behind at Mara are threatened.
He’s relieved when the reserve is bought by Vanessa (Mary-Anne Barlow), a glamorous South African businesswoman who intends to restore the place to its former glory. Vanessa takes a shine to Danny but discovers that she has competition for his affections.”
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17 responses to “Wild At Heart: Series Four

  1. Billy J Lucas

    I think it’s great that Juliet Mills is joining the cast, but I hope Hayley will be back. It would be great to see Hayley and Juliet working together again! I hope this doesn’t mean that Hayley is quitting the series!

  2. jessica

    hey this is they best programe on tv apart from ncis lol

  3. abby

    I think luke ward-wilkinson is a great little actor (: I hope he comes back from the UK ! Lol 🙂

  4. sam

    i absolutely love the series wild at heart. luke ward wilkinson is definately a great actor. I hope that he comes back from the uk. but i think he will, because he want’s to see rosie’s new baby. i also like du plesis as he is so funny with some of the things he ses. i just hope that wild at heart continues next year and even after that. i just hope that none of the actors leave the show, expecially evan (luke ward wilkinson) or du plesis. i wonder how luke ward wilkinson became an actor. i’ve always wanted to know. i wan’t to know how old he is? does anyone know his age in real life or just on the show?

  5. evan (luke ward wilkinson) is a wicked young actor, i absolutely love him. I hope he comes back from the uk lol. i would love to go and visit the set. and would love to go and see evan and all the actors lol. my friend sam ses that he loves your acting evan xx, love you so much

  6. sam

    noooooooooo, please, i hope that even doesn’t go back to the uk for good. i loove him, he is my favourite actor lol, please come back soon, please please please please.i would love to come and visit. does anyone know his age please thnx.

  7. Ian Wylie

    Luke, who plays Evan, doesn’t go away for very long at all – he’s back in this week’s (Sun Jan 25 2009) episode. I understand Luke is aged 16. Today’s Wild At Heart MEN TV feature is here:

  8. sam

    whaaaaaaaaahoooooooooo, i am soooooooo glad that he is coming back this week, i’m now looking foward to sundays episode again. thank you soooooooooooo much. i must know where this series wild at heart is set in, in south africa. does anyone know?? i have to visit lol

  9. Ian Wylie

    Sam – click on the link to other Wild At Heart blogs in the right-hand menu. Then check out the very first entry dated Dec 6 2006.
    I detailed the location info in a message dated Feb 22 2008, posted in the comments section under that blog.

  10. matthew

    wild at heart is the best series ever, hope it continues, can’t wait to see evan back again lol. he’s a wicked actor. i must visit the set lol

  11. sam

    finally, it has come, sunday has arrived. can’t wait for 8:30 tonight lol. Can’t wait to see evan again lollollollol. i wish wild at heart would go on for a bit longer, maybe till about 10:o,clock, it’s because of stupid ‘dancing on ice’. lol.

  12. Hayleigh Gill

    I thin Evan(luke ward-wilkinson) is soooooooooooooo fit!!!!!!!!!! He is only 3 years older than me and i would go out with him any day. I toatally love him, can’t wait 4 next week’s episode

  13. Ruby

    Really love this show! Luke is a great actor.He’s cute bless him 🙂 Looking forward to next weeks,looked like a great episode last week.

  14. sheila kidd


  15. lizzie

    OMGosh I LOVE rosie she is so kewl
    Though I felt so sorry for her when her baby died it was so sad I almost cried so close
    Hey we just had the episode because I live in N.Z

  16. Joyce from the USA

    Dear Ian
    Please, Please, Please, don’t tell me that Sunday March 15th was the last for this season. Altho it was great I can’t bear to wait another year. Is this simply a pause in British Programing. Would you beleive last year I went thru months of research and lots of $$$ to be able to get this program, and have every episode to 3/15. Words could not describe the pleasure this program has brought to our home. Do you know how many more episodes are left. Thanks so much for your website since I joined it two years ago.

  17. Jerry Cobb

    Can’t wait to see series 4. Last year I placed an advance order for the series 3 in November. Would like to know how Joyce managed to get the series 4 so soon. I really like the show but primarily because of Stephen Tompkinson. Also love Hayley Mills and was sorry to hear she is not back for all of series 4. Please bring her back

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