Wimbledon: Day 13

LAURA Robson may have eclipsed Venus in terms of public and press attention.
But let’s at least mark the fact that Venus Williams won her fifth Wimbledon singles title here yesterday.
As for today – well, it’s raining again ahead of the Roger Federer v Rafael Nadal clash at 2pm.
Top sports writers from around the world have flown in to report on the dream final.
The rain may delay the start, with heavy showers also threatening to interrupt the match.
I was caught in one on the walk to the All England Club just after 8am and it was accompanied by much stronger winds than yesterday.
Clutching my brolly, I diverted into Wimbledon Park to check out the queue – both for ground passes today and possible play tomorrow.
There is, in fact, no need to turn up early for ground passes on the final Saturday and Sunday.

You can arrive here after 11am and get in easily, with no queue.
Those outside hoping for the men’s final to be delayed until tomorrow – when Centre Court seats would become available – may be disappointed.
The current weather forecast suggests enough dry weather for it to be completed.
Although that couild change.

Venus described her fifth title win as almost out of this world.
“Winning this tournament so many times definitely puts you in the stratosphere, to be honest, just because of what this tournament means.”
Claims that the family affair might be fixed were shown the door in a hard-fought 7-5 6-4 victory.
But the sister act left both the Centre Court crowd and Venus’s celebrations muted.
And if you thought Serena might be in a better mood after losing to her sister, take a look at the last exchange in her post-final press conference.
Q: “You don’t look happy at all.”
A: I don’t? I wonder why.”
At least there was some consolation for Serena as she and Venus returned to Centre Court last night to win the ladies’ doubles final.
Wylie’s Wimbledon