Wimbledon: Eaton Rifle

HE drives a Vauxhall Astra with duct tape on one wing mirror and strung his own racket before going on court.
But British qualifier Chris Eaton was the talk of Wimbledon today after his straight sets win over Boris Pashanski on a packed Court 3.
An hour after a generally glum Andy Murray had departed the press interview room last night, Chris walked in with a smile on his face.
Last month the 20-year-old was playing in an obscure tournament in Uzbekistan and had to win through six matches just to qualify for Wimbledon.
Now he’s in the second round with a guaranteed pay day of at least £17,000.
“This is a dream come true,” he said.
“To actually win my match, it’s phenomenal.”

The Surrey-based No 661 in the world also paid tribute to the late evening support he’d received.
“It’s unbelievable. When you first walk on there, they were shouting, giving it everything.
“You can’t not give everything yourself.
“It’s amazing how well they can lift you.”
Court 3 was a lot quieter when I took these photos just after 7.30 this morning.
It’s just across the way from Centre Court, where Andy won his match last night.

The Scot spoke about how he has been spending more time in the gym to bulk up with muscle.
Andy missed his “maximum chin-up test” last week.
“But with the 20-kilo weight I do three sets of five.
“You should try it. It’s pretty tough,” he added, breaking into a rare smile.
So can we expect him to get as muscular as Rafael Nadal?
Andy smiled again: “You’ve not seen me with my shirt off.”
Another win or two and we may even see a broad grin.

Yesterday’s attendance of 40,653 was 1,371 up on 2007 as the Championships continue to head for a possible record year.
So much tennis is being played that two of the outside courts are already being “rested” with no matches scheduled on them today.

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