Wimbledon: Roger’s Cardy

THE Americans in the press interview room called it a sweater.
But I simply couldn’t let day one go by without showing you a picture of Roger Federer’s cardigan.
It was a case of no jacket required as the defending champion walked on to Centre Court today in this cream cardy.
I got a close-up look at that post-match press conference when our Roger explained all.
“Well, obviously, it was Nike,” he said, rather disappointingly.
I had visions of Roger by his Swiss winter fireside, pouring over books on the history of cardigans at Wimbledon.

“You know we’ve been talking, what could we do?
“I thought two jackets was enough. Let’s move on to something a little bit different.
“Maybe, again, the jacket will be back again next year.
“I think it was just something different would be nice.
“We thought about something nice, like a cardigan, a jumper.

“I think the result is nice as well.”
And the revelations just kept on coming:
“I have a belt as well this year.
“Just some new fresh things. It’s nice.
“It’s a little bit more easier to wear than the jacket, to be honest.”
The local knitwear shop in Wimbledon High Street will be pleased.
And just to avoid any confusion – Roger took his cardy off before sweeping aside his friend Dominik Hrbaty 6-3 6-2 6-2.
Wylie’s Wimbledon 2008