John Nettles: Haut de la Garenne

A postscript to yesterday’s blog about the Midsomer Murders wedding.
After the main Q&A, I asked John Nettles for his reaction to the police search at a former children’s home in Jersey.
Haut de la Garenne is at the centre of an abuse investigation on the island.
Later series of BBC1 detective drama Bergerac – starring John in the leading role – used the building to depict the HQ of the fictional Bureau des Etrangers.
Having visited that remote spot in the parish of St Martin again last month, I was interested to hear John’s thoughts.
Although he no longer has a home on Jersey, John’s daughter lives there and he is a regular visitor.
John also has many friends on the island and knows it better than most.
I suggested that he must, like everyone else, have been shocked by the unfolding police probe.
“Yes, of course, because some of the people involved are people I sort of know and so on,” he told me.

“But the investigation is in the hands of a very capable man, in the shape of (Lenny) Harper.
“And I think – it’s an educated guess – that it won’t be as big a story as it was first thought to be, particularly among the media.
“But even if it’s only a couple of instances of it, that’s a couple of instances too many.
“They’ll get to it. And there’s a long way to go yet.
“I think they’ve got another year on this, at least, on the sheer investigation of it – it’s a big place Haut de la Garenne.”
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