I’d Do Anything: Jodie, Jessie And Sam

IT’S the end of months of hard work with plenty of tears along the way.
But for one winner, tomorrow night will be just the start of another amazing journey.
Jodie Prenger is still the bookmakers’ favourite to win the role of Nancy in the final of I’d Do Anything.
Not that she wanted to know anything about the betting when I spoke to her this week.
Jodie, 28, and fellow finalists Jessie Buckley and Samantha Barks, both 17, had just returned from a day trip to Paris (pictured).
You can see the film report as part of tomorrow’s two BBC1 shows at 6pm and 8.45pm.
Jodie told me she was still coming to terms with being in the final three.

“I woke up this morning and I phoned my mum and she went, ‘Jodie, you’re in the final.’ I can’t believe it.”
I asked her about the mixed messages she received from Oliver! producer Cameron Mackintosh during last weekend’s shows.
He praised her during a pre-recorded filmed segment.
But in the studio the theatre impressario described her as “slightly matronly” and then said her performance had lacked grit.

Happily, Jodie managed to put it all into context after talking to Cameron following the TV results show recording.
“It’s what they see on the night. You’ve just got to go away and work on it.”
Unlike the rest of the series, the phone voting lines will open at the very start of tomorrow’s first live show.
They will later be “frozen” when the Nancy with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated.
Voting lines will then re-open for the final two girls but the votes accumulated for them over the entire course of the evening will still count.
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s power has now drained away and he has no final say in what is a straight public vote.
But both Andrew and panel member John Barrowman will be talking about the final tonight when they are guests on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.
And the three girls are guests on this evening’s edition of The One Show.
There’s a full interview with Jodie in today’s MEN.
The online version is here.
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