The Invisibles: Anthony Head

ANTHONY Head was a good sport on last week’s Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.
I also chatted to him recently about a wide range of topics – including Merlin.
Jonathan pretended not to know anything about his character in the 13-part BBC1 drama.
Due on screen this autumn in the Doctor Who and Robin Hood Saturday night slot, Anthony plays Uther Pendragon.
Uther is the King of Britain and father of King Arthur.
“It looks good on paper and the locations are stunning. I think it’ll be fun,” Anthony told me.
Filmed in Wales, England and France, Merlin is also due to be screened by NBC in America.
As for the latest of the long-mooted Buffy spin-off…

Anthony said of writer-director Joss Whedon: “The last time I talked to him, he is still holding a torch for it….he still wants to do it.
“He’s been talking to the BBC – I introduced him to some people, and they get on very well.
“Something, sometime, I hope will happen.
“But he’s now doing a pilot for Fox, for a new series, which if that goes…I think he’ll probably be deep in script-dom for a long time.
“But who knows? If he wants to do it, I’m sure he’ll make it happen.
“It’s just a question of timing.”
Anthony is back on screen in the UK this Thursday as safe cracker Maurice Riley in the fourth BBC1 episode of The Invisibles.
It also features his daughter Emily Head, playing his screen daughter Grace.
“It’s just fascinating being able to call on a bunch of emotions that don’t normally come into play.
“We were able to draw on our distance when I was working in LA and she was growing up here.
“I was away for a chunk of her formative life.
“But I think Emily is glad that I’m me and not Maurice.
“I think Maurice would be quite hard to live with – I’m hard enough as it is for a teenage girl.”
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