I’d Do Anything: Jodie Wedding

SHE’S already revealed her ambition to pull pints behind the bar of the Rovers Return.
Now Jodie Prenger has had a taste of a real life Queen Vic, alongside EastEnder Barbara Windsor.
The I’d Do Anything star also told me yesterday exactly what happened when boyfriend Steve proposed, just minutes after she sang live on TV.
As you’ll see on tonight’s show, the remaining seven contenders met up with Barbara and judge Denise Van Outen for their latest Nancy mission.
The venue? A pub in London’s East End, where their acting skills were put to the test in scenes from Blood Brothers and Lionel Bart’s Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be.
“It was brilliant, really good fun,” Jodie told me.
A few weeks back, viewers saw her produce a ring on screen and announce her engagement.

I asked Jodie for the full details.
She explained how Steve led her to a quiet corner of BBC TV Centre in London after she had sung on both the main Saturday night show and the recorded results programme, which is actually screened the next evening.
“It was just me and him and he pulled out this big pink scroll thing.
“He read out the most beautiful poem ever – and at the end it said, ‘Will you be my wife?’ I was honoured to say yes to him.”
Now Blackpool-based Jodie, 28, is planning her hen night in Manchester, where half her family come from.
But first she remains determined to give her all in the bid to win the TV talent search and the prize of a leading lady West End stage role in Oliver!
“Andrew Lloyd Webber has been lovely to me. I really work so hard at everything he’s said.
“I’ve been up to two in the morning, going over stuff. Any little detail they give me, I really graft at it.
“It’s such a privilege to be here – and if you want something so much, you’ve got to put the work in.”
What about the six other potential Nancys?
“Everyone has definitely got their own qualities. They all offer something totally unique.
“So you never know what the public see in each of us.
“I’d just like to thank everyone for their support.”
*I’d Do Anything is screened on BBC1 at 7.05pm tonight and tomorrow.
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