I’d Do Anything: Jodie Prenger

IT’S a fine life when there are people like Jodie Prenger to interview.
I caught up with Jodie yesterday afternoon, ahead of the third live I’d Do Anything studio show on BBC1 tonight.
She’s one of the final 10 contenders in the search for a Nancy, who will star in a new West End stage production of the musical Oliver!
Off screen, Jodie does not disappoint.
She has all the Oom-Pah-Pah needed to play Nancy.
And that includes a serious side also required for the role.
We’ll get a taste of that this evening.
There’s a news story on Pg 6 of today’s MEN – the online version is here.
As you will read via that link, Jodie has her eyes firmly set on becoming Nancy, along with a career in the West End.

But longer term she would also love to end up pulling pints behind the bar of the Rovers Return.
It’s not such a daft idea.
Jodie puts me in mind of another great Coronation Street barmaid – Shelley Unwin, played by the much missed Sally Lindsay.
Half of Jodie’s family come from Manchester and she’s got plenty of support in the region, as well as elsewhere.

Jodie told me that there were 40 girls out in Blackpool last night – all dressed as Nancys.
“And my mum’s giving them all leaflets,” she laughed.
The singer and actress has battled through her chest infection and has also taken on board the “cabaret” comment made last week by judge Denise Van Outen.
“It was the lick at the end of the words, she said they sounded a bit cabaret.
“It was just that I’m Every Woman was such a huge song and it was the adrenaline from the audience.
“But I’ve worked really hard this week, and on the acting, so I am going to pull this one out of the bag.”
On the evidence of the first two live shows, Rachel, Jessie and Jodie have caught my eye as the possible final three.
But with Andrew Lloyd Webber only able to save one girl each week after the public vote, nothing is certain.
Especially if two of the early front-runners eventually end up together in the sing-off.
Or if one of the other girls comes through as a dark horse.
At the time of writing, the bookmakers have Jessie (11/5) and Rachel (11/4) as near joint favourites, clear of the field.
Current third favourite is Samantha (8/1), followed by Jodie (9/1) and Niamh (9/1).
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