Life On Mars: Ciao l’Italia

GENE Hunt really will be ‘avin ‘oops after a new TV deal with Italy.
BBC Worldwide has sold both series of Life On Mars to Italian state broadcaster Rai Due.
So it’s spaghetti hoops all round for Manchester police team Gene, Sam, Ray, Chris and Annie.
And surely our good friends in Italy will also want to follow this purchase up with a double helping of Ashes To Ashes?
Though what they will make of Luigi’s 1981 Italian Trattoria is anyone’s guess.
Life On Mars has now been sold to over 40 international broadcasters, including Australia – where the final episode has just been screened.
Aussie newspaper The Age said it came close to qualifying as the best ending ever.

You can read their review here.
A BBC Worldwide spokesman said: “British drama has definitely had a turnaround with Italian audiences.
“They find it more appealing, slicker and sexier than they have in the past.”
Mind you, even if it’s almost dinner time, I’m not sure even The Guv himself will be able to persuade Italian viewers to actually sample the delights of ‘oops.
Their loss, of course…
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3 responses to “Life On Mars: Ciao l’Italia

  1. Janet

    Thanks for the info Ian. Do you know if BBC America (or indeed any of the other US broadcasters) has picked up Ashes yet?

  2. Ian Wylie

    Hi Janet – no news as yet.

  3. chris

    Have just viewed the trailer for the american life on mars on youtube. What utter rubbish…!

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