Wild At Heart: Wedding Day Drama

THIS is the striking image of former Coronation Street star Lucy-Jo Hudson released today.
The actress, who played Corrie killer Katy Harris, has since gone on to star as Rosie Trevanion in Wild At Heart.
And this Sunday’s ITV1 episode sees Rosie’s screen wedding to boyfriend Max (Martinus Van Der Berg).
Or does it?
An uninvited guest, in the form of a bushfire, threatens disaster for Leopard’s Den and possible tragedy for one of the residents.
Viewers will have to wait until the final episode in the current series a week on Sunday to see the conclusion of the dramatic storyline.
As is the way with TV weddings, there are problems even before we get to the main event.

Rosie’s original wedding dress is reduced to tatters, which is how she ends up wearing this vintage bridal gown from the 1950s.
The battle to save Leopard’s Den from the rampaging bush fire continues next week.
Fans already know that Amanda Holden, who plays Rosie’s step-mum Sarah, is leaving the series.
They’ll finally find out next week exactly how she is written out.
Lucy-Jo’s boyfriend is Coronation Street star Alan Halsall, better known as Weatherfield mechanic Tyrone Dobbs.

I’ve already reported how Alan got a shock when he saw Lucy-Jo in the wedding dress while visiting her on location in South Africa.
Did the dress not prompt a real life proposal? “I’m still waiting,” says Lucy-Jo.
Now, where’s a Leap Year when you want one…?
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