Shameless: Jody Latham

SHAMELESS star Jody Latham is hoping to return to the Chatsworth estate this year.
Lip Gallagher went back to university after a spot of women trouble in the first episode of the current Channel 4 series.
Salford-based Jody was written out to enable him to work on two new projects.
One is a new ITV1 drama series, and Kudos production, called The Fixer, due on screen next month.
The other is a feature film – with Jody as associate producer – called Act of Grace.
You can read all about them in last Friday’s MEN feature interview with Jody here.
Having asked him about a possible return to Shameless, it was interesting to hear Jody talk about previous cast members who had “disconnected” themselves from the series.
Not something he plans to do.

Aside from his comments in the feature, he said: “I’ve done pretty much what I wanted to do.
“I’ve done a film, a drama series which I consider to be really good quality and Shameless is due to start filming again in April or May.”
Jody plays petty thief Calum McKenzie (pictured) in The Fixer, who doesn’t have an easy life.
“In fact, Calum is pretty much always getting beaten up, garrotted by an 18 stone minder of having to run around in his pants.
“Basically every rubbish, humiliating thing you could possibly have to do, I had to do it.”
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6 responses to “Shameless: Jody Latham

  1. Jade Fallows

    I saw jody at asda in burnley he smiled at me and my little sister.He had just bought a dvd and i am just amazed that i have seen him as I would like to be an actor myself and i am 11 years old. luv ya jody x x x

  2. i love shameless esspecially lip it wouldn’t be the same without him.

  3. Rach

    Omg Jody Is soo FIT
    id love to see him =)
    does anyone know where he lives??
    because we all no that paul mccartney and the cheeky girls live in rye lol x

  4. jessie

    OMG JODY IS PHIT! hes gawjusss lmaoo i love watching shameless cz hes in it 😀 arghhh love you jody x

  5. shameless

    i know were he lives hes all mine

  6. bailey

    Jody Latham needs to return to shameless it will be amazing

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