Coronation Street: V Is For Vera

PERHAPS it’s just me.
Was there a subtle tribute to actress Liz Dawn and the character she played for 33 years in Coronation Street’s final farewell to Vera Duckworth?
I’ve not seen a comment on it anywhere, so maybe I saw what I wanted to see on Vera’s funeral day.
We’d already watched a large number of Corrie residents gather on the cobbles to pay their respects.
As the Co-op hearse carrying Vera’s coffin to the crematorium drove away from No 9 and past the Rovers, the camera swung slowly upwards.
And looking down back along Coronation Street, the majority of the cast fell into two separate diagonal lines – spelling out V for Vera.

If it was intentional, it was a masterstroke.
And if it wasn’t, it provided a beautiful final touch all the same.
Jack (Bill Tarmey) brings Vera’s ashes home in tonight’s episode.

They won’t be scattered in the sea off Blackpool just yet.
True to form, Vera is going to be watching over Jack for some time to come.
Update: Check out the screengrabs here.
Liz Dawn – Fighting For Breath
The End Of A Vera
My Vera’s Gone
Ta-ra Vera
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