Coronation Street: The End Of A Vera

THERE will be tears before bedtime tonight as we say farewell to Vera Duckworth.
The death of Jack’s little swamp duck is screened in two poignant Coronation Street episodes.
“She only left a few weeks ago but already I miss walking on set and seeing her there,” says Bill Tarmey, who plays heartbroken Jack.
Liz Dawn, who has starred as Vera for over 33 years, certainly deserves a happy retirement.
There’s a story about the end of an era on Pg 3 of today’s MEN.
The online version – with photo gallery and audio clips – is here.
It follows the Pg 9 feature published on Wednesday – the online version of that is here.

And there’ll be yet more in tomorrow’s paper.
Coronation Street released new photos today to tie in with Vera’s passing.

They include the image (right) of a devastated Jack staring in disbelief as the body of his beloved Vera is taken away by funeral directors.
But I prefer to remember her as pictured in the main image above.
It features a scene from last Monday when Jack and Vera learned that their offer on a house in Blackpool had been accepted.
Molly and Tyrone are the latest members of Vera’s extended family, which has encompassed more than a few lodgers over the years.
Not to mention millions of viewers.
I won’t be the only one with the tissues handy tonight.
Ta-ra Chuck
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