Wild At Heart: Amanda Holden

SHE knows it, we know it and so do the publicity people looking after her.
Amanda Holden is refreshingly honest in interviews.
But sometimes she sails close to the wind.
Like at the recent press launch for the third series of Wild At Heart, which starts on ITV1 this Sunday.
Amanda was discussing the incident last November when she, and her personal trainer, discovered a dead body while out running along the Thames towpath.
Reports of the sad find appeared in newspapers the next day.
“Can I just say, when they said I found a dead body, they said I was 39. I’m 36,” she told us.
“I was more traumatised by the fact they got my age wrong than the fact I’d found a stiff.”

It’s the sort of black humour that can emerge in such circumstances.
And Amanda was quick to add: “Obviously, someone did lose their loved one and I don’t mean to be filippant.

“But I did say, ‘Oh, I could take over from Amanda Burton in Silent Witness now’ – because I wasn’t fazed by it, purely because I didn’t think it was real.”
The new series of Wild At Heart is Amanda’s last, as you can read in today’s MEN interview with her here.
Other parts of the interview I couldn’t fit into the feature for reasons of space include Amanda returning to the subject of working on location in South Africa.
“Without getting too heavy about it, it’s made me think that this country is extraordinarily tolerant and that people should complain less,” she said.
“Because in South Africa, certainly in the area that we were in, there’s still a great big divide and it’s quite shocking to see and witness.
“The cast and crew were unbelievably brilliant and it was a mixed black and white crew – everyone got on fantastically well.
“But elsewhere, in smaller village mentalities, it was not quite as compatible.
“And just rich and poor – it’s all that kind of thing that you witness.
“We weren’t in Bob Geldof Africa. We were in a fairly wealthy part of Africa.
“But, yes, it’s just made me think that this country is great and everyone should stop complaining about it.”
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