Double Time: James Dreyfus

THE Thin Blue Line and Gimme Gimme Gimme star James Dreyfus is a fan of Manchester drama Cold Blood.
He also wants to play serious roles – like a certain former Stars In Their Eyes host.
“It’s very shocking to see Matthew Kelly play that Hannibal Lecter type of character,” James told me when we met recently.
“And he was brilliant. I think it’s so interesting to see people that we’re used to seeing in one vein play completely against type.
“Actors are actors for a reason. You don’t just do one part for the rest of your life.
“Well, some do, and some do it very well. But that’s not me.
“They should take risks in casting people because it sometimes pays off.”
James is back on screen on New Year’s Eve in ITV1 comedy drama Double Time.
He plays two roles – a struggling actor and lookalike jailed Scottish gangster.

There’s an interview with him in today’s MEN. The online version is here.
Manchester-born Matthew’s role as serial killer Brian Wicklow comes to a dramatic end in Cold Blood: The Last Hurrah, screened by ITV1 on Jan 3.
There wasn’t room in the feature to include James’s thoughts on Matthew.
“I knew Matthew Kelly was a good actor because I’d seen him do other stuff,” he explained..
“But I thought he was tremendous in this part. I love seeing people confound you.”
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