Shameless: Being Frank

TICKETS this way for the Chatsworth Express.
The Gallaghers return on New Year’s Day for a new expanded series of 16 episodes.
David Threlfall says fans shouldn’t worry about any dilution of their anarchic favourite.
One of the aims in doubling the number of episodes was to make the series even better than before.
The opening episode poses the question: “What is the point of Frank Gallagher?”
Later in the series, Frank wins the Lottery.
Or so residents of the Chatsworth Estate believe when they see it on the local news.
And is estranged wife Monica (Anabelle Apsion) set to make Frank a father-of-nine?

There’s a Pg 9 interview with David in today’s MEN. The online version is here.

There were a few things I couldn’t squeeze into the feature.
Such as David’s reflections on how much wilder Frank could get.
“I cease to wonder what wilder is, if I’m jumping naked over fences.
“I don’t want to be glib, but it’s like another day at the office.”
On being recognised in the street:
“It does happen, which is fine. I don’t go looking for it but if it comes with the territory, you’ve got to deal with it, of course.
“The reaction from people is positive, which is staggering. I think there is a love for Frank.”
And on the new series:
“I hope it will just continue to surprise.
“If it’s challenging us then, hopefully, it’s challenging people who watch it.
“If it doesn’t…you know what, they’ll switch over.
“That’s our job, that’s all we do. It’s not rocket science, is it?”
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