Torchwood: Russell T Davies

A blowfish driving a sports car.
It’s certainly one way to grab an audience’s attention at the start of a second series of Torchwood.
John Barrowman (Captain Jack) and other cast members turned up for a London screening of the opening episode this morning.
Aside from a big scary fish, it also features James Marsters as Captain John.
He starred as punk-goth vampire Spike in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.
Creator Russell T Davies was also there today to talk about Torchwood’s arrival on BBC2 next month.
The opener has its fair share of violence, including a fight scene between former partners Jack and John (pictured).
There’s also some full on lip action between the two characters.

I asked Russell how much of the episode would have to be lost for a planned new specially edited pre-watershed repeat for younger fans?
“Cut the swearing and cut the violence – but not that much.

“And, no, we’re not cutting the kissing. So no story there.”
Even so, we’ll put a stopwatch on how long it takes someone in search of an easy headline to kick up a spot of nonsense, shall we?
Other guest stars in the second series include Richard Briers, Alan Dale and Freema Agyeman, returning for three episodes as Martha Jones.
“Never mind all that,” laughed Russell. “We’ve got Nerys Hughes.”
Click on the two audio files below for short interview extracts.
In the first, I asked Russell, currently based in Cardiff, what he was working on at the moment – and if he was ever able to get back to his home in Manchester.
In the second, he reveals why viewers should watch the new series of Torchwood.
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Russell T Davies Audio File 2
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