Heartbeat Derailed

HEARTBEAT fans got a bit of a shock last night.
The cosy Sunday night drama set in the 1960s had a brand new look.
Episode three – Night Mail – delivered an unwelcome change.
Our old favourites appeared starkly in focus and not so cosy at all.
The whole look and feel of the series appeared to have been ruined.
Had ITV changed the filming technique just three episodes in to a new series?
Was this High Definition with disastrous results?
Happily, it was a one-off error.
First thing this morning I asked ITV Yorkshire what was going on.

The producers of Heartbeat replied:
“We regret that due to an error in the post production process, episode three of the new series of Heartbeat (“Night Train” by Susan Wilkins) was transmitted in an incorrect version, which had not been visually enhanced in the usual way.
“The episode had not been put through a process which adds atmosphere and texture to the visuals.
“This oversight was entirely inadvertent, and does not represent a change in the visual signature of the show.
“Next week normal transmission will be resumed, and it will look as good as it usually does!”