Robson Green: Sun, Sea And Nelson

YOU can just imagine the holiday postcard home.
Weather lovely, food great, bumped into Nelson Mandela.
That’s what happened to Robson Green – as he told us this afternoon.
“We had one of our best New Year’s last year,” he said at the launch of a new Wire In The Blood film.
Robson, wife Vanya and son Taylor were on holiday in the Indian Ocean.
“The owner of the hotel went, ‘Bring Taylor, bring Vanya – a special guest is arriving.’
“It was Nelson Mandela. So that was pretty extraordinary.
“He waved and said hello to Taylor.”

Robson was on fine form today, as you can hear by clicking on the short audio file below.
He also said: “I’m playing tennis and there he is with all his family and entourage, just all having a great time.
“He was just incredibly open – a beautiful man. Talk about aura.
“I never thought in a million years one would witness that.”

The award-winning Wire In The Blood is back on ITV1 soon with a special episode filmed in Texas.
It’s classy stuff, with Dr Tony Hill invited to America as an expert witness.
There’ll be more in the MEN – and online – nearer the transmission date.
Based originally on the books by Stockport author Val McDermid, the series is now sold to more than 30 countries, including the USA.
The latest story involved Robson co-starring alongside 13 rattlesnakes, with medical staff on standby in case anything went wrong.
“They were in cages but it was still scary,” he told a Q&A session after the screening.
Robson is currently filming eight one-hour episodes of Wire.
That comes after completion of work in Australia on a new comedy drama called Make Or Break, written by Cold Feet creator Mike Bullen.
Next year Robson will be reunited with Mark Benton to film an ITV1 Christmas 2008 film called Battle Of The Santas.
Not that he’s a fan of the traditional festive period.
“I always go away for Christmas,” he explained.
“All I remember is it’s a terrible burden.
“My mother’s holding down two jobs, my dad’s a miner, and you’ve got all this advertising.
“Buy this thing – a thousand pounds, go into serious debt and have a miserable Christmas, because you don’t where the rest of the money is going to come from.”
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