X Factor: Girls Allowed

X Factor winner Shayne Ward thinks they can go all the way in this year’s contest.
Now Girls Aloud have told Hope they aren’t threatened by the prospect of another girl group in the charts.
It’s disco week in The X Factor tonight.
Hope’s Raquelle Gracie told me this week about meeting both Shayne last Saturday and this evening’s special guests Girls Aloud on Thursday.
“I told Shayne that we both had something in common, coming from Manchester.”
He, in turn, told Hope they could do very well this year.
Raquelle also expanded on a comment by judge Louis Walsh on last week’s live show.
He urged girls to get behind Hope.

“One thing he and Simon aren’t sure about is how likeable we are,” said Raquelle.
“Just for girls to get behind us and support us would be amazing.
“I hope that we can inspire young girls to be able to go and do whatever they want to do.”
Hope are singing Abba’s Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) tonight.
And after last week, it’s back to some choreography.
“We have to show our energy and we’ve just got to enjoy what we’re doing.
“Unlike Hanky Panky, we love the song.
“It’s just trying to perform without concentrating too hard.”
There’s more in today’s MEN.
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