Spooks: Wild About Harry

ACTORS will always tell you that what they do isn’t a real job.
But spending months at a time filming a TV drama series always looks like pretty hard work to me.
The days – and nights – are long and gruelling, especially for the main characters.
And then there’s the sheer tedium of waiting around until you are needed in front of the camera.
Glamorous, it ain’t.
The bit of filming I saw while visiting the Spooks set earlier this year finally comes to the screen in episode five on BBC1 tonight.
There’s an interview with Peter Firth – who plays MI5 Section D boss Harry Pearce – in today’s MEN.

The online version is here.
As you’ll see, he had some interesting things to say about Harry’s lost love and a Spooks American backlash.
We also spoke about one of my favourite TV dramas of all time – The Flipside of Dominick Hide – and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.
A few extras which we weren’t able to squeeze into the feature:

Peter said he was “very happy” to stay with Spooks, so long as the series keeps improving year on year.
“As soon as it doesn’t, it’ll start to nosedive.
“I still enjoy it enormously – it just seems to get a little bit better every time.”
Does Peter wish Harry had more action scenes?
“Of course. That’s a middle aged man’s dilemma, isn’t it?
“I’ve asked if I could have, perhaps, a car chase, which would be quite exciting, without any exertion.
“So of course I would like to do more of that.
“But it’s not going to happen – it’s Rupert or Hermione…or Chuck as I call her, as in Chuck Norris.
“She’s become action woman.”
And what about Peter’s work away from Spooks?
“I try but I’m really choosy and if I don’t have to, I’d rather not. I’m quite lazy.
“It would have to be nice stuff, otherwise I just don’t bother.
“It’s a very luxurious situation to be in for an actor. If I’m working half the year, that’s terrific. That’s enough.
“I have no trouble with leisure. Absolutely none. I’ve got a little boat in the Med and I’ve got children.
“My main hobby is looking for my glasses.
“I spend more time doing that than anything else.”
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