X Factor: Hope Fight Back

TEARS flowed when Hope found themselves in the bottom two of last week’s X Factor.
But singer Raquelle Gracie told me that the girl group were determined to bounce back tomorrow night.
They’ll be singing the Amy Winehouse song Back To Black.
She was also honest enough to admit that evicted boy band Futureproof were unlucky to be sent home by the judges.
“I believe that the boys did a better vocal job on Saturday night than we did,” said Manchester-born Raquelle.
There’s a story in today’s MEN Diary – the online version is here.
But for X Factor fans, here are some of Raquelle’s quotes, plus a few extras.

On finding themselves in the bottom two:
“We were really gutted – I just think it was the wrong song for us, vocally.”

On being on stage waiting for the results of the public vote:
“Your stomach goes, you’ve got butterflies everywhere, you’re just praying.
“When it came down to us, Andy and Futureproof, I knew we were in the bottom two.
“But to be in it with Futureproof, that was a shocker.
“I thought we were going home – that’s why I got really upset, because I thought,
‘Our journey’s ended, on such a ridiculous song.’
“It was almost like we couldn’t go on, because we were so shaky.”
On being saved by mentor Simon Cowell:

“It was a mix of relief, happiness, but then guilt for Futureproof.”
On tomorrow’s show:
“We’ve seen something in all of us, a fighting spirit.
“Although it was a terrible experience, it truly bonded us.”
As you’ll read in the Diary story, Raquelle denied claims made this week that members of Hope had serious arguments.
She also hit back at suggestions that the group will split if they exit the competition and said she was not seeking a solo career.
“We’re sticking together, no matter what.”
That’s good news if you’ve got a ticket for The X Factor Live 2008.
The tour calls at the MEN Arena on a very special day which only comes around every four years – Feb 29.
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