Driven To Distraction

“AND he’s still on his mobile telephone…he’s obviously not looked in his mirror.”
The words of Pc Michael Hambley as he follows yet another driver lost in a phone conversation.
Stand at the side of any road and you’ll soon spot someone holding a mobile behind the wheel.
Cars, vans, lorries, buses, it makes no difference.
Probably like you, I’ve seen drivers of all of the above welded to their phones.
And it almost goes without saying that – consumed in their conversations – they certainly haven’t seen me.

All a little worrying if you’re in the middle of a zebra crossing.
Driving without due care and attention is the focus of next Monday’s Police Camera Action on ITV1 at 10pm.
It includes the story of a Manchester driver who was driven to distraction by his mobile phone conversation.
He told Pc Hambley: “I hold a clean licence for so long and then something stupid and silly…”
The traffic cop replies: “Most of the people that get sent to prison for killing people in accidents aren’t bad people, up until they’re doing something silly.”
You can read more here.
Monday’s show highlights research which warns that even having a hands free conversation affects concentration and reaction time.
And, yes, there is a difference between talking to someone on a mobile and holding a conversation with a passenger.
It’s all to do with the fact that the person on the other end of the phone line is not engaged in the same journey experience as the driver.
The programme also features the driver of an articulated lorry eating a pot of spaghetti while steering his 40 tonne truck with his knees.
He was captured on camera by a North Wales Police helicopter.