What A Wonderful World

WELL, I’m now half way through the new Michael Palin series and haven’t been disappointed.
The views are gorgeous, the photography stunning and the people he meets along the way revealing.
But it’s Michael’s writing and narration which elevates Michael Palin’s New Europe (BBC1, Sunday, 9pm) into something extra special.
At the end of the second instalment of his latest journey, he visits the fairytale land of Cappadocia in Turkey.
It’s here, in what he describes as a “wild and wonderful landscape”, that he has his fortune told via leaves in a coffee cup.
Among other things, Michael learns that he will meet a rich lady in an internet chat room.
“I can’t work the chatrooms,” is his bemused reply.

After reflecting on the mix of the world wide web and his current volcanic rock cave home, we move on to a balloon ride.
You may already have seen a glimpse in extended trailers being run by the BBC.
Set against incredible scenery, and the original music of Molly Nyman and Harry Escott, it’s one of the TV moments of the year.
Looking out towards Iran, Iraq and Syria, Michael concludes: “Separating East and West is a futile pre-occupation.
“The future is co-operation. I know. I saw it in the coffee cup.”
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