A Load Of Old Rubbish

YOU could call it Big Brother with an actual point.
Or simply a load of old rubbish.
Watch out for Dumped when it begins on Channel 4 on September 4.
It features 11 people spending three weeks living on a rubbish dump to highlight the mountain of waste material we needlessly throw away.
Filmed in June, it highlights the fact that every year we chuck out an average of half a tonne of rubbish each, with just a quarter being recycled.
That places the UK in the bottom three European nations for recycling, with the Dutch and Germans recycling more than twice as much.
It’s a timely series, screened over four consecutive nights as part of C4’s Green Week.

A survey out today says almost two thirds of us would support a “pay-as-you-throw” system of collecting household waste.
Over 1,000 people were asked if they were in favour of lower council tax and charges according to how much rubbish they left.
Some 64 per cent said they agreed that homes that recycled more should pay less.
I’d certainly go along with that.
The rubbish thrown away from my household has dropped dramatically since we began recycling items such as paper, plastics, cardboard, bottles, cans and food waste.
But 23 per cent were opposed to the idea of linking taxes and charges to their rubbish, including 15 per cent strongly opposed.
Dumped may change their minds.
Inspired by a hit Norwegian TV series, it shows the group attempting to survive on what the rest of us have thrown away.
Health and safety rules meant the participants couldn’t actually live on a real landfill site.
So C4 did the next best thing – and built one next to a working rubbish dump in London.
The series asks why so little is being done by government, councils and business, as well as individuals, to stop a huge waste of resources.
It also outlines the simple steps we can all take to make a difference.
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