The Truth About Boybands

DON’T forget to make a date for the return of The X Factor tomorrow night. You won’t be disappointed.
Cast your eyes further down the ITV1 schedule and your heart might sink when you read 9.40pm: The Truth About Boybands.
Leaving aside the argument about whether it should be “boybands” or boy bands”, I thought it would be yet another talking heads show.
Well, to a large extent it is.
But while it won’t win any awards, the two-part series exceeded my expectations.
There are some excellent contributions, providing just a glimpse of what really went on behind the scenes.
Pete Waterman gives a good impression of the grumpy old man of pop, stripping away much of the nonsense surrounding that world.

And The X Factor’s Louis Walsh – who also brought us Boyzone and Westlife – has some interesting things to say.
Former Take That manager Nigel Martin-Smith (pictured) steals the first programme with his sometimes mischievous reflections.
He says he decided to form a boyband after watching New Kids On The Block on Saturday morning TV.
“They were very spoilt, very petulant and not very pleasant,” recalls Nigel.
“It just occurred to me that there was so much talent in Manchester, and if I put some real kids together with nice attitudes and different characters, who knows what might happen?”
He adds: “When you watch shows like The X Factor, it’s all about, can you sing a couple of bars in tune?
“What’s that got to do with finding the next big thing?”
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