Inferno 999

“AT the time they just see it as lighting a fire and it’s a big laugh.
“But it isn’t, because fire fighters get killed like that all the time.”
The words of Broughton Red Watch Commander Chris Rainford in a new TV documentary series.
He’s talking about the idiots who deliberately start fires – some 75 per cent of all blazes attended by the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.
It’s a staggering figure, highlighted in Inferno 999, which begins on Five next month.
The series was the subject of a news story in Friday’s MEN – an online version, with a gallery of four images, is here.
I watched all six programmes in the series one night last week.
Here are just a few more of the scenes and content that caught my eye, along with some other pics.

*Gangs of children set fire to empty houses, leaving streamers of video tape as a trademark tag. They think it’s a game – but it puts others in danger.
*Fire fighters risk their lives searching for the very people who might have started blazes in the first place.

*At the scene of one fire – three boarded up houses deliberately torched – one young man looks into the camera and says: “I’m glad we did it – it deserved it.”
*Aside from the intense heat and smoke, fire fighters face danger from collapsed floors and stairs, falling rubble, explosions and flash fires.
*Fire crews also face hazards from spent needles in drug dens.
*An epidemic of deliberate car fires cost the public £18m a year.
*Youngsters start fires or vandalise hydrants with stolen keys to lure crews to their area. At one call, a young child hits a firefighter on the leg with a stick.
“At another call, 17 “swarming kids” try to steal equipment from a pump. One member of the crew half-jokes that the gangs probably now have more equipment than they have.
*Cameras capture the devastation left after house fires, which can kill in just a few minutes. Working smoke alarms save lives.

*Inferno 999 begins on Five at 7.30pm on Monday Sept 3.
Fire Heroes In Spotlight
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service



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6 responses to “Inferno 999

  1. thomas yelland

    i think it is really dumb that people start fires i really do because it wastes firefighters job time

  2. Mollie

    i watch inferno 999 every week and i just don’t understand why anyone would want to start a fire and risk other people’s lives on purpose!? It’s crazy and they have no heart at all.

  3. alan

    i dont see why youths attack fire crews what so ever their job is simply to save lives, i reckon the laws should be tighter when it comes to these mindless youths. however the series is great hopefully the’ll be more to come.

  4. ryan nelson

    i love the show my dream is to be a fireman but it will never happen

  5. Tanith Griffiths-Scott

    This show is really good and all it does is make me want to be in the fire service even stronger, I have wanted to be in the fire service since I was a little girl and now I’m doing a course to help me achieve my dream, and it’s programmes like this that make me want it even more.

  6. shaza

    some people must hav no brains they shouldnt start fires it wastes fire serivce time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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