Jamie Oliver

NOW don’t get me wrong.
I like Jamie Oliver as much as the next man waiting by the microwave.
But there was something not quite right on Channel 4 last night.
Around 2.4m of us watched the launch of his new series Jamie at Home.
A relaxed affair from his Essex country house, the first of 12 programmes highlighted the wonders of tomatoes.
All well and good – until the ad break.
That’s when supermarket giant Sainsbury’s ran a commercial for…tomatoes.
It felt, at least to me, as if a small screen rule had been broken.
Former Naked Chef Jamie has been the public face of Sainsbury’s for more than seven years, appearing in over 100 TV ads.

When it was last renewed, his deal was reported to be worth £1.2m a year.
One of his commercials caused a 290 per cent surge in sales of asparagus.
The celebrity chef didn’t appear in last night’s supermarket ad.
But bearing in mind his close association with Sainsbury’s, surely it was – at the very least – unwise to run it in that particular ad break.
There’s absolutely no suggestion of any wrongdoing by either Jamie or the supermarket chain.
But some viewers could have been left with the – incorrect – impression that Jamie had decided to cook up a storm of tomatoes so that Sainsbury’s could flog them in the break.
Next week Jamie turns his attention to courgettes.
Jamie Oliver
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