Chris Langham

ACTOR, comedy star and writer Chris Langham is said to be on suicide watch today after he was convicted of downloading child porn.
Although cleared of other charges, he’s in prison awaiting sentence – a life and career in ruins.
There can be no excuses for Langham, 58, who now faces a jail term.
The police and courts have vowed to pursue and punish those involved in this sick and evil net trade.
As detectives point out, this is not a victimless crime.
Langham’s family has also suffered, including his three sons who attended the trial at Maidstone Crown Court.
I last met Langham in May 2001 at a hotel in west London.
One of his sons was with him, along with a bag full of cricket gear.

Father and son were off on a sporting break after our interview.
At the time, Langham was starring as Roy Mallard in the award-winning spoof TV documentary series People Like Us.
A reformed alcoholic, he had been sober for 14 years and appeared to have beaten his demons.
I asked him what his first big break had been.
“Finding out that life is funnier, scarier and more exciting without alcohol,” he replied.
The former Kiss Me Kate star was an occasional visitor to Manchester for guest spots on BBC1’s Heaven and Earth Show.
And he was to go on to greater success, winning a BAFTA for his role in The Thick Of It.
Viewers heard his voice during People Like Us but only saw glimpses of him on screen.
Picking at a plate of burger and chips, Langham was keen to give credit to writer and director John Morton.
“John’s writing is that rare thing which makes you laugh while, at the same time, having a kind of fondness for its subject,” he explained.
“Usually it’s just me who’s the idiot.”