The Beckhams: Pie, Mash & Corrie Tapes

SO now we know.
David Beckham misses English pubs and pie and mash shops, while wife Victoria is pining for her favourite soap.
“I’m sure my mum will tape Coronation Street and send it out to me,” she says.
The Beckhams move to Los Angeles was covered in two ITV1 documentaries.
First up last week was Victoria’s Coming To America, hilarious from start to finish – so long as you realised it was a spoof.
Posh has since admitted that viewers, especially those in America, may not have got her ironic sense of humour.
Last night it was David’s turn with New Beginnings, named after one of his many tattoos.
It was an altogether more straightforward affair, even taking into account no fewer than four publicists listed on the end credits.

Made by Beckham Brand Ltd 2007, the film confirmed David and Victoria’s obsession with how they are viewed by the outside world.
After flying in to start his new contract with LA Galaxy, the Essex-raised former Man Utd star remarked on how much “coverage” the couple’s airport arrival received.

He said later: “People have asked us in the past, do we get star-struck?
“Well, of course we do.
“To see people like John Travolta and his wife, saying how great we are as people and things like that, me and Victoria are sitting back and thinking, ‘Oh my God.’
“It’s pretty amazing.”
Most people in the Beckhams’ position would have gone totally barmy by now.
So it was good to see in both films that David and Victoria have retained their marbles.
“The most important thing is that our kids are brought up in as normal an environment as possible here,” said David.
“They’ll be starting school soon, so either me or Victoria will be the ones to always take the kids and pick up the kids.
“And that’s the way it’ll always be.”
David admitted he wouldn’t mind another one or two children.
“At some point, I’d love a little girl.
“But we’re blessed to have three beautiful boys already. And if we’re blessed to have another one or two children, then that would be amazing.
“Three boys is difficult at times. But there’s nothing that gives you that feeling of coming home and seeing the kids and spending time with the kids.
“There’s nothing better in the world than that.
“If you’re a parent, then everyone realises that feeling.”
The Beckhams have plenty of critics, including those who can’t see what all the fuss is about when more important things are going on in the world.
But we all need a bit of light and shade, just as Victoria needs those Corrie tapes.
And if she’s got anything to do with it, John Travolta, Tom Cruise and co will also soon be members of the Rovers Return Appreciation Society (LA branch).
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