Wimbledon And The Blustery Day

STRANGE things have started to happen at Wimbledon.
Roger Federer dropping a set, for example. And shadows on court.
It was just like old times on men’s semi finals day at a blustery but sunny SW19.
Except for the fact that we actually played four men’s quarter finals and two ladies’ semi finals.
A feast of fabulous tennis, as they used to say back in the days before global warming.
Even our Roger had to be dragged away from his daily date with Jeremy Kyle to warm up for his match.
Rafael Nadal, who had waited five days to finish an earlier round, could see the irony of being the first man into tomorrow’s semi-finals.
“I’m very happy about my Wimbledon right now,” he smiled.

The Spaniard has good cause to celebrate his relatively straighforward early Centre Court victory over Czech Tomas Berdych.
Over on Court One, eventual semi final opponent Novak Djokovic was involved in a five hour marathon against Cypriot hero Marcos Baghdatis.

A sensational five set endurance test, it had spills and thrills from both players, and a ball boy who hobbled off injured after appearing to twist his ankle.
It’s not known if BBC commentator Michael Stich will be accusing the poor lad of being a drama queen.
As Cyprus’s biggest sporting star, Marcos has a street named after him in Limassol.
He brought along his usual vocal support, which chanted his name in a manner more suited to Wembley than the lawns of this exclusive club.
Strange things continued to happen.
Novak applauded a shot by his opponent and both players actually smiled, embracing at the end, when the Serbian No 4 seed looked like he was running on empty.
Not a good time to look in your diary and see an appointment with Nadal.
Novak does a particularly good impersonation of Rafa but won’t be employing it tomorrow.
“He smiles when he sees it off the court.
“On the court, I think it would make him angry. I don’t want to see him angry.”
And the strangest thing of all?
As those shadows began to lengthen, both Justine Henin and Andy Roddick lost.