The Darling Bud Of Wimbledon

SHE’S the darling bud of Wimbledon, blossoming into a real crowd favourite.
Teenage Serb Ana Ivanovic reminds some in looks of Oscar winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Pop Larkin would also no doubt remark that her smile is just perfick.
Perhaps it’s no wonder that the girl who used to play tennis at the bottom of an empty swimming pool in war-torn Serbia has done so well at the wettest Wimbledon in years.
Both Ana, 19, and her smile have been in great demand at this year’s Championships, bewitching fans and the media alike.
One TV reporter visibly swooned when he interviewed her.
Now she’s through to a semi final against Venus Williams after victory over the Czech Republic’s Nicole Vadisova 4-6 6-2 7-5, saving three match points for good measure.
If French Open finalist Ana ever gets fed up with tennis and counting the millions of dollars already heading her way, she might like to consider a career in public relations.

“It was my first time on Centre Court,” she beamed afterwards.
“To win like this was amazing. I had great support through all my matches and today was unbelievable atmosphere.
“The fans are really great here.”
Like the rest of Serbian tennis, she also has quite a story to tell.
“When I was a kid, obviously I was dreaming of playing Grand Slams, reaching finals and winning it.
“But it was far from realistic at that time.”
Ana draws strength from what her country went through.
“It was quite tough growing up back home. Now there is so many young kids playing tennis because of us.”
The stark difference between winning and losing was illustrated after a nervous Nicole served for the match, a Wimbledon semi-final in her grasp, and let it slip away.
Tears followed soon after.
You have to be tough on and off court here.
A gentle opener at her post match press conference: “How are you going to put this nightmare behind you?”