FROM the security guards at the gates to the top players in the locker room, it’s the question everyone is asking.
Will Grimbledon go into a third week?
Andy Roddick has already declared himself free for a men’s final on Monday, should he be needed.
“I don’t have much of a life outside of what you’re seeing here,” he laughed.
“I wouldn’t even mind it . I got nothing to do at home. Hell, let’s just play Wimbledon for like 12 weeks a year.”
Hopefully, it won’t come to that.
But contingency plans are already in place for an extension of the tournament if the weather continues to cause havoc with the schedule.
So far today there’s been plenty of play, but also a two-hour break due to heavy showers.
When Rafael Nadal walked into the interview room earlier this afternoon, you half expected the sprinklers to go off.
Such has been his luck with the rain.

No wonder he dropped to his knees with relief after finally defeating Sweden’s Robin Soderling, five days after first warming up last Saturday.

Describing it as the toughest match of his career, the Spanish No 2 seed criticised both his opponent and Wimbledon officials, while still charming everyone in the room.
“I didn’t understand why we didn’t play on Sunday. The weather was OK.
“I didn’t understand why they cancel yesterday when at 8.10 the sunshine is here for one hour, so we can play one hour.”
It’s fair to say that Nadal and Soderling are not the best of friends.
Asked to describe the Swede’s on court behaviour, Nadal replied: “Maybe worst possible.”
With Sir Tim Rice watching from the royal box, it was another suitcase in another hall for Frenchman Paul-Henri Mathieu, as Roddick kept the American flag flying on Independence Day.
Through to the quarter finals, Andy was not as critical of the tournament authorities.
“It is what it is. The things that you love about Wimbledon, with the tradition, ended up making it tough this time.
But I still love the tradition and I still love everything about it.”
And Rafa? Is he still in love with this rain-drenched spot in south west London?
“Right now, a little bit less than when I come,” he smiled.